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Dinner in kokoro

Autumn 2023

To start…

- Pig cromesquis (smoked foot & ribs) 5pc, capers and chives 9€

- Artichoke puree, toaster bread 6,5€

- Monkfish rillettes oiled with dill 8€


- Chard soup and sweet garlic 12€

 -Fricassee of « label rouge » mussels, 

bread crumbs, lamb and cashew nuts 14€

 - Pike « Blanc manger », seasonal vegetables,

 lemon 1/2 salt and black pepper 15€

 - Pork terrine « loin & breast »  pickled vegetables 11€

Main course

- Young spinach sautéed, figs, smoked egg, fennel oil, zucchini flower and lentils from the Champagne region

with peanuts praline 22€

- Black Angus Irish beef cheek confit, sauce red wine* 27€

- Monkfish medallion, beurre blanc with sorrel* 28€

- Pigeon from Vendée in 2 cookings,

half 25€ whole* 35€

-Aveyron milk-fed veal chop, chanterelles, clear juice and raw cream* 30€ 

 *the dishes are served with some seasonal vegetables :

 Cocos de Paimpol, tomatoes, fried eggplant,

 blackcurrant/pickle condiments and marigold flower coulis

Cheeses & desserts

- Assortment of A.O.C cheeses 10€

(Cantal Entre-Deux and Roquefort with raw milk)

- Warm crumbly tart with cherry tomates, melon and blackberry jelly, verbena ice cream 11€

- Roasted figs & verjucy grapes cream flavored with fig tree leaf, milk ganache and Florentine shortbread  11€

-Parisien flan with Madagascar vanilla, summer strawberry Charlotte 11€

*Our bread is homemade with natural sourdough

and organic millstone flours.

Net prices and service included-checks are not accepted

All meat is of French OR Irich origine

If you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know.


Pike "blanc manger", seasonal vegetables, cherries and sorrel


Thin rhubarb pie "Valentine & Mira", verbena ice cream

English menu: Nos boissons
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