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Dinner in kokoro

Winter 2024

To start…

-Steamed flan & crispy(2pc) scampi tail

Malabar black pepper 11€

-Cromesquis pork (5pc) feet & smoke breast,

- labneh with herbs 8€


- Onion soupe (warm), comté toaster bread 30 months 14€

-Crème brûlée duck liver, peanut praline 15€

-Carpaccio of beetroot in a salt crust, trout gravlax oil,

bottarga powder and fresh turmeric 15€

- Homemade wild board terrine,

lemon & date marmalade 11€

Main course

-Poached scallops from Normandy

lemongrass sauce*** 28€

- French milk veal stew, rice Koshihikari and vegetables*** 28€

- Roasted celeriac, split peas and comice pear,

green sauce and Orléans mustard 22€

-Deer stew french hunting,

clear sauce and chestnut*** 27€

- Pigeon from Vendée in 2 cookings, clear sauce*** half 26€/whole 36€

***the dishes are served with some seasonal vegetables :

Hammer turnip and pumpkin, bitter orange,

Pumpkin seeds, marinated red onions

Cheeses & desserts

- Assortment of A.O.C cheeses 10€

(Saint Nectaire and Roquefort with raw milk)

-Puff pastry filled with chestnuts

quince and milk chocolate,beetroot caramel 11€

-Cuba grand cru dark chocolate,

clémentine pulp, vanilla ice cream 12€

-Coffee or Tea “Gourmet”,

Hazelnut-lemon shortbread and winter thyme crème brûlée 8,5€

*Our bread is homemade with natural sourdough

and organic millstone flours

Net prices and service included-checks are not accepted

All meat is of French OR Irich origine

If you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know.


Fricassee of wild French mushrooms, parisien style gnocchis, parsley and cheese


Paris Brest, Old fashioned praline and crunchy almonds

English menu: Nos boissons
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